Individualized Services

Assessment leads to development of an individualized treatment plan or strategy for each person. All persons receive 1:1 attention. Strategies are adjusted to suit the progress and goals of the individual. 

Positive behavior supports

Treatment protocols recognize the uniqueness of each person and customize the behavioral technology to meet individual needs.  The goal is to treat the whole person, within the context of the environments they encounter naturally, and not to focus on the person's presentation as a disease, disorder, or disability.   


Achieving Outcomes

Behavioral Specialists with Experience


The clinical team and staff AT Behavioral Specialists of Louisiana have experience working with CHILDREN and adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral excesses:


Behavioral Specialists of Louisiana is a group practice comprised of a Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts. Clinical staff have experience in the assessment and treatment of children and adults with developmental disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and other behavioral health concerns. 

Our clinical staff have experience successfully treating behavioral excesses such as meltdowns, tantrums, aggression, self-injury, property destruction, and other potentially dangerous behaviors.

Our clinical staff regularly work with pediatricians, primary care doctors, psychiatrists, allied health professionals, and teachers to address the full range of concerns across the lifespan in an integrated treatment approach. 


Parent training is an important component of the treatment process.  Behavioral Specialists of Louisiana partners with families to help them understand behavioral presentations and to give family members the tools they need to promote positive outcomes for their loved one.